Harrison Street University

"Our purpose is not to materially change the way our clients and partners do business.  Our goal is to see that our combined operations are as efficient as possible.  In the end, we believe this will translate positively to all interested parties." 

- Christopher Merrill, CEO & President

Harrison Street University provides consulting and training services in a wide variety of relevant areas to their investors, partners, employees and the general populace.  Harrison Street University's mission is to elevate their client's operations to a new level of process rigor, strategic planning, and customer satisfaction. 

Key programs include the following:

Six Sigma training and certification

The organization is led by Jill Brosig, a 15 year Motorola veteran and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, who executed a variety of corporate initiatives, including the global roll-out of Digital Six Sigma, e-learning, and marketing to women, as well as the establishment of the Motorola Consulting organization, which enhanced and strengthened both partner’s and client’s performance.