Our Business

Harrison Street Real Estate Capital is a privately owned firm that launched its first investment vehicle in 2006. Since that time, the firm has grown to be known for its offering of commingled real estate funds exclusively targeting the areas of education, healthcare and storage real estate.  In December 2010, Harrison Street acquired a REIT Securities advisory firm, and launched Harrison Street Securities, which provides investors with actively managed commingled funds, separate accounts and mutual fund products investing in public REIT Securities.  The firm has raised approximately $5.0 billion in discretionary equity capital for its private and public real estate offerings.  The firm currently manages in excess of $7.6 billion in real estate assets across the US through both commingled funds and public security products including:

  • Closed-end Opportunistic Real Estate Funds
  • Open-end Core Fund
  • Public REIT Securities

Harrison Street has also launched Harrison Street University which focuses on driving business and process improvement across the Harrison Street ecosystem and the community at large. It is built on the award winning quarter century Motorola heritage of Six Sigma quality and a world-class corporate university. In addition to training, HSU offers a mentoring approach that focuses on value creation at the level of execution. Business improvement has to start at the top, but has to be measured by how the organization transforms its culture to one of continuous process enhancement. HSU provides globally renowned and proven subject matter experts in the fields of Process Rigor, Organizational Management, Business Emotional Health and Marketing.