Public Securities

Public Securities

HSRE Securities Advisors, LLC. (“HSSA”) is dedicated solely to the management of publicly traded real estate-related securities on behalf of institutional clients and high net worth individuals. The team is committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, providing top-tier client service, reporting and communication to its investors.   HSSA offers a choice of strategies designed to meet client objectives. The team's senior investment professionals average nearly 20 years of experience managing REIT securities portfolios.


HSSA utilizes a bottom-up approach to uncover value. The team's belief is that stock selection drives investment return by uncovering price inefficiencies. Fundamental, proprietary research leads to non-consensus valuations and helps to allocate capital according to the best return/risk profile. Top-down portfolio construction controls risk. Risk controls are designed to ensure that HSSA allocates capital according to the preferred return/risk profile within the chosen strategy. Control variables include position size limits, property sector, geographic, industry and interest rate exposures.


HSSA ALRA Fund, LLC is intended for investors seeking core real estate exposure. The ALRA strategy is a long-only portfolio with approximately 35-45 names benchmarked to the FTSE NAREIT All Equity REITs Index (Ticker: FNERTR). The ALRA strategy makes no tactical use of cash and provides exposure to all major property sectors within the benchmark on a neutral basis. The ALRA strategy is intended to outperform the benchmark by an average of 100 to 200 basis points annually.

Harrison Street Tactical Real Estate Securities Fund, L.P. (“Tactical Fund”) is intended for investors seeking a hedged REIT securities product. The Tactical Fund strategy targets absolute returns utilizing long, short, and other derivative positions in the REIT sector.  The Tactical Fund targets a net long bias, but can maintain a broad +/- 50% net long or net short range of portfolio positioning, can employ leverage, and seeks gross exposure in the 150%-250% range.

The Active Quant Strategy is intended for investors seeking core real estate exposure. The Active Quant strategy is a long only portfolio generated via a factors based, quantitative model that integrates proprietary cash flow and NAV inputs and produces a portfolio with fewer sector and positional constraints than HSSA’s ALRA Strategy.  The Active Quant Strategy is intended to outperform its benchmark FTSE NAREIT Equity REITs Index (Ticker: FNRETR) by over 200 bps annually.

Investment Team

HSSA has an experienced investment team that is led by portfolio manager Jim Kammert, a veteran of public and private real estate markets.  Mr. Kammert brings 25 years of real estate experience including commercial lending, investment banking and money management. Most recently Mr. Kammert was Director of Investment Research at European Investors Inc. (EII). Prior to joining EII, Mr. Kammert was co-head of REIT Research at Goldman Sachs and Company. The portfolio manager is backed by a team of talented investment professionals to execute the investment strategies and provide client reporting, communication and service.