Jill Brosig

Jill Brosig


Ms. Brosig joined the firm in 2009. As a Director of Operating Partner Services, she works closely with operating partners and third-party vendors, where she serves as a guide in key technology, policy, and process implementations, oversees a shared repository for benchmarking and best practices, and vets and introduces relevant, ancillary services to partners.  Prior to this role she established Harrison Street University which instituted a Lean Six Sigma philosophy to elevate participants to a new level of process rigor, thereby enhancing business operations and customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Harrison Street, Ms. Brosig spent 15 years with Motorola, Inc. where she executed a variety of corporate initiatives including: e-learning, Digital Six Sigma, leadership pipeline management, and fashion and women’s market strategies. Ms. Brosig was selected by and reported to the Chief Quality Officer to roll-out a Digital Six Sigma corporate wide initiative, which resulted in more than $800 M in savings in the first year of implementation.  She also helped create the Motorola Consulting organization, which served both national and enhanced and global consulting engagements with companies such as the National Health Service (UK), Ford Motor Company (Mexico), and Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands).  Ms. Brosig began her Motorola tenure as a quartz crystal development engineer.

Before joining the industry Ms. Brosig held research positions at Argonne National Laboratory and KMS Fusion, Inc. Ms. Brosig holds several patents and publications, and was awarded Best Presentation at the annual MOOT CORP® Global Business Plan competition. 

Ms. Brosig has a BS in Physics from the University of Illinois, an MSEE from The Ohio State University, and an MBA from Northwestern University, specializing in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and International Business. She is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  Ms. Brosig also has served as guest lecturer at Kellogg’s Graduate School of Business, and has appeared in Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and on PBS.